I was born in Santa Barbara, California and have lived on the West Coast my entire life.
I'm fascinated with all kinds of art, design and storytelling. From a young age, I've deeply
admired fine art, typography, film, music and popular culture. My major interests include
underground comics, avant garde films, poster art, documentaries and I'm constantly
seeking new and old music to listen to.

After graduating high school I began creating my first comic book series, Caffeine and was
published before I reached my twenties. 

Upon completing my first graphic novel, I began studying graphic design and motion graphics.
In 2011, I graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art with a BFA in
Communication Design.

I'm currently a graphic designer living and working in Portland, Oregon.
I never want to stop learning and always root for the underdog.

Bachelors of Fine Arts (Communication Design)
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland Oregon

Areas Of Expertise
Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding, Motion Design, Storyboarding, Typography

Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects

Career Highlights
Developed visual identities and marketing collateral for a variety of businesses
Created and published a series of graphic novels
Mentored students and aspiring creatives
Influenced morale with colleagues within my team in a positive way

Professional Experience
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Office of Communications (July 2011-current)

Communications Specialist
Achieved inventive and thoughtful branding in addition to digital, print and
environmental designs under challenging timelines and budgets
Managed many simultaneous projects of varying scale and importance
Created brands and visual identities for exhibitions, events and publications 
Worked with freelancers, volunteers and outside vendors while maintaining
responsible spending and keeping projects under budget

Crack Press (August-November 2010)

Studio Assistant
Assisted various screen-printing and letter press projects as well as
studio’s relocation

ID Branding (July-August 2010)

Marketing and promotion for Powell’s Books
Responsibilities included photographing Powell’s customers in front of a green screen
as part of 
a marketing strategy to attract tourists to visit and order from
the Powell’s website

Tinhouse Books (May-August 2010)

Unpaid Graphic Design Internship
Assisted the Senior Art Director in preparing files for press and establishing the look
and feel in addition to  visual identities for 
several books as well as designing
advertisements for their literary journal and web presence

Taow Marketing (May 2010, June-July 2009)

Freelance Production Designer
Created storyboards for a new web-based marketing campaign for Lycra
Optimized production art and photgraphs of athletes for the Nike 6.0 action sports website

Additional Clients include:
tenfour, Steel Door Gallery, Radiocab Foundation, TedX Mt. Hood